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I believe that everyone on this planet has at least one great book inside them ready to be told. Some of us gifted people have many more than one :) If you want to self-publish, I'm here to help show you the ropes and help set you up for success. Now, it won't be easy--you have to do the work, but seeing your book go from first draft to a published and sold novel is a rewarding feeling.



It takes one to know one.

I'm an author just like you. I've wrestled with the same questions and concerns that you yourself maybe having right now. When I decided to "Go Indie," I had so much to learn and understand before even coming to that decision to own the complete success of my work. Google was my friend, of course (as I'm sure it is for you.) There's so much information out there, but what can you trust? You maybe just overwhelmed with where to even start. Being an independent author is being a small business and that's a huge responsibility.


I can tell you that anyone out there touting that they have the secret sauce to being successful in independent publishing is selling you a lie. Every indie author's journey is different, but that doesn't mean you have to travel it alone!


My goal is to help other aspiring authors to get knowledge and resources to get their journey in independent publishing on the right path. 

What I bring to our sessions:

  • Published author of several books (written under Kharma Kelley)

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Decade of Leadership development experience

  • Decade of small business ownership

  • Proven book marketing strategist


Guidance That Makes a Difference

I know how tough and stressful it can be to produce your first novel in the indie/ self-publishing space. The industry is growing so fast with thousands of new self-published books released every year, let me help you navigate through your first novel release! 

If you believe that publishing your book is easy or a get rich quick scheme, then my programs aren't for you. Yes, there are authors who make an upwards of $50K a year in book sales, but the ones that do make this their full-time job and spend hundreds of dollars to market and invest in building their backlist. Nothing about that is getting rich quick.

It takes hard work to launch a successful book and make sales. 

So if you're hungry and ready to set some realistic goals as an independent author, then you've come to the right place! My passion is to help others realize their true potential!

Everyone has different needs. I'm offering these services because some of us need a little hand-holding and step-by-step guidance to catch on to the ever-growing, ever-changing industry of publishing. 

I'm especially encouraging aspiring authors of color, LGBTQ and those of other marginalized groups to please consider my services. The world needs more diversity and #ownvoices books! Let me do my part to help make that happen.

Reading with Coffee


Indie Author Course 101

So, you've completed your first draft and now you have questions on how to get started in the world of self-publishing. There's so much to cover, perhaps you don't even know where to start. This session is to kick you off with tips of creating a book production budget, finding an editor and cover designer. I'll learn about you, your book and your goals to guide you through the process.


Indie Author Course 102

You have a great book ready to go, but after you press "Publish", what happens next? Without spreading the word about your book, pretty much nothing happens. If you want your novel to have reach and get sales, or even hit the Amazon best-selling list, you need to find your audience and market your work. With this session, I'll guide you through building a marketing plan based on your budget and help you build your audience!


Indie Author Course 102.5

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, because many new authors find engaging readers to be very intimidating! As an Indie Author, it's important to keep your readers and fans engaged as they help spread the word on your book(s) and also buy them. Whether you're a ham or an introvert, I can give you tactics to keep your platform growing and maintain your loyal fanbase.


“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent Van Gogh


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