Presented by Kharma Kelley

Published Author and Founder of #AmWriting Publishing Consulting, Inclusive Romance Project

The ABC's of Self-Publishing

Kickoff Webinar for the Discerning Beginner Authorpreneur

Writing a book is challenging enough, but then, you also have to figure out the entrepreneurship of being a self-published author, which is a whole other kettle of fish altogether!

When I stepped into the self-publishing scene, the ridiculously lucrative space with KDP/Amazon had already passed--that time when very few authors were self-published and didn't have to compete so much for visibility. Now, everyone is writing a book and putting it out there.

So, how is YOUR book gonna stand out and get readers? How should I best advertise my book and gain readership?

Not to mention, the stigma of self-published books still often seen as "sub-par" or "amateurish". How do I make sure my work is viewed professionally and doesn't prevent higher exposure and opportunities?

This webinar is NOT to offer some magic bullet guide to self-publishing. It's NOT to boast that you can make $100,000 in book sales. Definitely not starting anything with the word "Never", because absolutes kill critical thinking.

My goal is to SHARE. Share what I've learned, share my successes, and yes, especially my failures. Take them as cautionary tales, if you will.

You can expect to learn the ABC's:

A(dvertising) - Some basic knowledge around finding cost responsible marketing opportunities and measuring your investment.

B(usiness) - As a self-publisher, you ARE where the buck stops. This means not only are you an author, but you run a small business (and your book is the product) I'll share with you early organization and budgeting so you are thinking like an entrepreneur.

C(reative) - (or Craft) None of this can be possible without your book. In fact, without a well-written, professionally edited work, all the rest of the stuff you do in self-publishing won't go very far at all. We'll talk about how after I published my first book, I learned how to create a beta team, tools to gather feedback, figure out what type of editor I needed, so my book was the best it could be.

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The ABC's of Self-Publishing

Free Webinar Presented by Kharma Kelley & #AmWriting Publishing Consulting

May 21, 2020 6:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)