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Wanna hit those writing goals? Get an Accountability Coach!

NanoWriMo ended in November and I found many of my author buddies either estatic that they met their writing goals or cringing silently with envy at the authors who met those goals. I had checked my Facebook feed to even find a friend (whom I had no idea was a writer) shared that she used this year's NanoWriMo to write and complete her first novel's draft! It was very exciting news and I was more in awe that she had the dedication and focus to use the event as a catalyst to complete her draft.

If you're one of the individuals who look at that type of dedication and seethe with envy, don't feel too ashamed. Many of us are in the same boat. It's hard to carve out the time and focus on your writing and see the end game of your authoring endeavor. However, excuses are like, well you know what, and it's not gonna get us any closer to hitting our goals. So, where do you find the motivation?

Good question. If you have a story you've been dragging around for several months or even years, it's time to have some tough talks with yourself. Are you ready to stop procrastinating and get that book written? If so, you need to accept some "tough love" and get a sprint partner or an accountability coach.

It doesn't have a be an official coach--it can be just someone who understands you as a writer and ready to hold you accountable for meeting your goals. And accountability coach doesn't have to write, they just need to be good at calling you on your BS and keeping you moving towards success. Like a personal trainer for your writing. If they are a writer as well, you can be sprint partners, which is super cool.

I have a sprint partner that connects with me whenever she has a story to write and needs some push. I won't lie, most of the time, I need the same nudge. We kept it simple: (1) Agreed on a time to start (2) shared our story and how many words we have currently (3) Sprint (4) At the end of the sprint, we share our new total words written.

It doesn't matter if it's 500 words more of 1200 word written--what matters is that you're getting that much closer to your goals!

Just like a workout buddy, finding a sprint partner can be super helpful in making time and hitting some writing goals. Bringing somebody along on the journey can make it easier for you to share and stick to your goals. It would be less likely that you'd flake out, because you know someone out there knows you need to write.

You don't need someone to be aggressive, just someone with whom you feel comfortable sharing your writing endeavors and be your cheerleader when you hit them. Often, being a writer can be lonely, so it's much better to celebrate the victories with others. You can make this as formal or as lax as you'd like, but if you're not a self-motivator but love to write, there's hope in moving the word count with someone positive in your corner.

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